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  1. Mohd Shadab says:

    I am Recruiting CLS (Clinical Laboratory Scientist) with experince in:-
    Flow cytometry specimen preparation
    Data acquisition and data analysis using FCS Express Software

    •Must have a certification in CLS (Clinical Laboratory Scientist), licensed in California
    •Bachelors in Biology, Chemistry or relevant degree
    •One or more years of experience working in a clinical pathology lab or research lab
    •One year of Flow cytometry experience
    •Knowledgeable with Flow Cytometry Software (i.e. FCS Express Software)

    please send me your reusme at mshadab@selectsourceintl.com

  2. Evelyn Pasqua says:

    Good afternoon.

    Would you know of any position within the laboratory field or healthcare industry that would require a background in medical technology and psychology? I am thinking of finding work that blends both disciplines. I have a BS in Medical Technology and a M.A. in Psychology.

    If you don’t, would you know of any organization or individual who would?

    Thank you very much for your help.

    • Lisa.Bakken says:

      I have heard of Ariosa Laboratory, but I don’t know if your MA will help you there. I will put some feelers out to our members. If there is anything that comes up, I will let you know.

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