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ASCLS Membership Categories
Professional (Full Voting Privileges)
Membership in the Professional category is open to all persons certified or engaged in the practice and/or education process of the clinical laboratory science, including those with an active interest in supporting the purposes and goals of this Society.

Membership benefits are dependent on the level of membership:

  • Professional I?:  Includes basic benefits plus the award winning journal, Clinical Laboratory Science
  • Professional II *?:  Includes basic benefits only.

Collaborative * (Non-voting Privileges)
Available to any individual who currently holds membership in any other health related national organization and has never been a member of ASCLS.

First Year Professional* (Full Voting Privileges)
Open to persons who have graduated within the last twelve months from an accredited program in laboratory science. Prior student membership with ASCLS is not a prerequisite. This membership status is valid for only one year to assist recent graduates. After one year in this category, members are upgraded top Professional membership.

Open to persons enrolled in a structured program of training or academic instruction in clinical laboratory science, or to full-time graduate students in related science area.

Membership Categories Voting Privileges National Dues CA State Dues Total Dues
Professional I Yes $99 $25 $124
Professional II * Yes $78 $25 $103
Collaborative * No $45 $25 $70
First Year Professional* Yes $45 $25 $70
Student* No $25 $0 $25

*Persons residing outside the U. S. are not eligible for these categories – International practitioners must join as “Professional I”.